OREANDA-NEWS. Trade turnover between Russia and Ukraine over the past six years has dropped from $ 37 billion to $ 7 billion, but there is no talk of trade wars between the two countries, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal said during a joint briefing with Vice President of the European Commission Marosh Shefchovich.

On July 3, the Russian government expanded the list of products prohibited from being imported into Russia from Ukraine. According to the document, sugar, pasta, non-fat cocoa paste, some ready-made products from corn and cereals, muesli, ketchup, mayonnaise, products for making sauces and ready-made sauces, ready-made soups and broths, as well as preparations for them, ice cream and sweet waters. In addition, the ban affected barley, palm oil and its fractions in net containers weighing 20 tons or less, prepared or canned meat products, prepared or canned crustaceans and shellfish. Also, the import of some residues from the production of corn starch, cake, products for livestock feed, enzymes and enzyme preparations, some types of timber and packaging made of wood is limited.

"In fact, over the past six years, the volume of trade with Russia has decreased almost six times from 37 to 7 billion dollars. That is, there is a constant decline in trade between Russia and Ukraine," Shmygal said. The broadcast was conducted on the Youtube channel of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Instead, he said, trade between Ukraine and the EU has grown more than fivefold to over 40%. "The markets are being replaced and Ukraine is learning to produce better quality products according to European standards," he said.

Commenting on the question of journalists about whether Kiev will introduce retaliatory measures against the ban of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation on the import of a number of goods into Russia from Ukraine, Shmyhal said: "We are not talking today about trade wars, there is a natural reorientation of the Ukrainian market to the market of Europe and other countries."