OREANDA-NEWS. The resort town of Assos in the Turkish province of Canakkale is planned to be closed for up to 500 days for renovations, as its ancient infrastructure has begun to pose a danger to tourists. It is reported by NTV.

We are talking, in particular, about large rocks hanging over the territory of the settlement, which began to collapse, periodically forming full-fledged rockfalls. Moreover, the situation is complicated by the recently increased seismic activity on the coast of Turkey.

Until the completion of the work, which is supposed to be carried out in about a year and a half, at least 19 objects of tourist infrastructure in the ancient city will be closed: including hotels, hostels, restaurants and cafes, as well as a tea garden and an ice cream shop.

It is known that the Assos security project was developed in October 2020 by local authorities in cooperation with AFAD (Disaster Management Authority) and tourism operators. A related plan to prevent rocks and rock falls was also approved by the Regional Council for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

According to the project, dangerous rocks will be broken and removed from “strategic places”, where their fall could threaten the tourist infrastructure. Steel mesh will also be placed on the rocks to prevent debris from falling.