OREANDA-NEWS.Roust alcohol holding has returned to itself an exclusive contract for the distribution of the world's largest producer of sambuka - the Italian Molinari. This was reported to the Russian media by a representative of Roust. The sum of the transaction included the key brands of the manufacturer - sambuca Molinari Extra, liqueur Molinari Caffè and lemon liqueur Limoncello di Capri.

As recalled in Roust, companies have cooperated before: it was Rustam Tariko’s holding that first brought the Molinari brand to the Russian market in 2011. Shortly after the start, the brand occupied 15% of the Russian market in the sambuka category. Subsequently, the distribution contract was transferred to Bacardi.

The information about the resumption of cooperation was confirmed by Marino Molinari, Director of the International Sales Division of Molinari. In a response letter to the media request, he said that he was grateful to Bacardi for support in recent years, and not only on the Russian market, but the industry is changing, as is the policy of each individual company, so it was decided to switch to Roust. He also noted that Molinari believes in the Russian market, despite its instability in the past.

The representative of Bacardi didn't comment on the termination of cooperation with Molinari. In 1945, in Italy, Angelo Molinari created the Sambuca Extra drink and founded the company. She is still family-owned; today, the board of directors includes members of the second and third generation of the Molinari family.

Molinari products are sold in 85 countries. According to the industry magazine The International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR), in 2016, the brand accounted for 30% of all sambuka sales in the world, making it the largest producer.