OREANDA-NEWS Russia at the end of last year fully implemented the plan for the supply of weapons abroad, announced on Monday the Head of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation Dmitry Shugaev. The annual volume of arms exports of Russia amounted to about $15 billion, the Head of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSVTS) Dmitry Shugaev said.

"The final figures, all verified will become public after we report them to the President of Russia. Today we can say with confidence that we have fulfilled the plan," Shugaev said in an interview with NTV.

According to him, more than half of the products that the country sells abroad, accounted for aircraft. At the same time, for at least three years Russia has been exporting weapons for the above amount. In addition, in order to minimize the consequences of the sanctions policy, Shugaev noted, Russia seeks to move to settlements with partners in national currencies.

"The issue of de-dollarization applies is a common problem. Today, the dollar has ceased to be a reliable currency for settlements.  We need to find other ways. Today it is the transition to national currencies", —the Head of the FSVTS said in an interview.

He reminded that among the ways of mutual settlements with partners there are barter transactions and other types of financial instruments.

In mid-January, the foreign portal Foxtrot Alpha published material, the author of which claims that the United States and its allies will not be able to resist Russian drones "Poseidon", which can "destroy coastal cities and spread lethal radioactive fallout."

Poseidon drones will be deployed on Russian nuclear submarines. In May, it became known that the devices are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead with a capacity of up to 2 megatons. Work on the "Poseidon" included in the state program of weapons for 2018-2027 years, before its end, the drone must be transferred to the Navy.