OREANDA-NEWS. In Russia, food prices have increased almost eight times more, than in the European Union. Food in Russia has become more expensive by 8.2%, and in the EU — by 1.1%. This is evidenced by the figures released by the specialists of the Federal state statistics service.

During the year, the most noticeable increase in the price of vegetables. This category of products increased in price by 17.5% in Russia. At the same time, for the European buyer, vegetables rose in price by only 0.2%.

Fruits and sweets also showed a significant increase in price — 13.5% and 13.7%, respectively. Bread has become more expensive by 9%. Oil and fats increased in price by 11%. In Europe, fruit rose by 3.3%, and bread — by 1.1%, according to data from «Rosstat».

Experts warned, that the price of olive oil will soon change. The rise in price is associated with high demand for this product in Europe. It is expected, that olive oil will become more expensive by 20-40%, compared to last year. Suppliers of olive oil has already notified the trade network of the price increase, according to «Kommersant».

According to one of the suppliers, the cost of olive oil will be negatively affected by the decline in the olive harvest in Spain due to unfavorable climatic conditions. This country accounts for about 50% of the world's production of the product.