OREANDA-NEWS. The main obstacles to increasing Russian exports are the discrepancy between goods and foreign demand and the high cost of production. This was stated by market participants in a survey conducted by the Bank of Russia.

In such conditions, according to the authors of the report, reducing transport costs and removing barriers in foreign markets will not be enough to significantly increase supplies. It is possible to significantly increase the supply of Russian products abroad only with the help of structural changes in the economy, writes Russian media «Kommersant».

Among the companies, that were unable to break out of the country, 36% complained, that their products are simply not needed by foreign consumers. At the same time, the high cost of goods does not allow them to remain competitive. However, in the list of the main problems there are others — for example, transport and logistics. 90% of the companies involved in the survey are not going to enter foreign markets because of this. And only 35% have plans to establish deliveries abroad in the next three years.

The authors of the report concluded, that the weakness of the ruble, which makes labor cheaper, does not lead to an increase in exports, but will increase the income of established exporters, primarily the largest companies. Nevertheless, for qualitative changes, modernization is needed, and it is associated with the purchase of foreign equipment. 70% of companies need it, and 65% of enterprises depend on the import of raw materials and components.