OREANDA-NEWS. Online service Biletix conducted a survey and told where Russian tourists are going for the New Year holidays.

Service specialists interviewed 1132 users and found that a third of them intend to leave for the winter holidays. Almost half of the respondents said they would definitely stay at home, and every fifth (19 percent of all the interviewed) has not yet decided where they will be during the New Year holidays.

More than half - 56 percent of the service users - noted that the pandemic has already greatly changed their vacation and travel plans. A third of them decided to give up travel, and 22 percent decided to change destination and duration of travel. Only one in five said that, as planned, will go on tour. Every tenth person did not plan to travel during this period.

Among those who still want to leave home for the New Year, only four percent of those surveyed have already decided on their plans and have already booked tickets and hotels. The same number of people are going to do this by the end of October.

Most Russian tourists, according to the service, are going to go to other cities of Russia: Sochi, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and Yekaterinburg. The most popular cities abroad are Antalya, Minsk and Istanbul.