OREANDA-NEWS. The share of women's CVs in the field of information technology over the past five years has significantly grown the most in the field of UI / UX design (development of the interface of an application or website): it has grown by 15 percentage points (from 25 to 40%). It follows from a study of the SuperJob service and the Moscow Physical technical institute, which entered the "Gazeta.Ru".

In software testing, women's resumes increased by 7 percentage points (34% in 2016 and 41% today). Among C ++ programmers, the proportion of women rose from 3% to 8%, and among database administrators, from 17% to 22%.

In the meantime, the number of women in software development and mobile applications is still small and has grown slightly since 2016: in mobile development for Android - by 2 percentage points, among Python developers - from 7 to 11%.

According to the MIPT, over the past three years, the ratio of girls and young people among applicants entering various IT specialties has remained practically unchanged. The number of girls from the total number of applicants is 27%.

A study of the resumes of applicants for common IT specialties was conducted throughout Russia in June 2021.