OREANDA-NEWS. Russian tourists massively fell in love with resorts for the rich - in 2021, the demand for vacations in the Maldives and Seychelles has grown significantly. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) writes about this.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives, from January to June of this year, 124.6 thousand travelers from Russia visited the country, which is 2.9 times more than in the same period of 2019, when only 42.9 thousand people visited the country.

In addition, industry experts noted that the demand for trips to the island state for the autumn period will remain stable due to the high specificity of the recreation format and a loyal audience. According to the forecasts of tour operators, by the end of the year the number of arrivals from Russia may exceed 300 thousand times, which will be an absolute record for Russian tourism in the Maldives.

In addition, ATOR analysts drew attention to the fact that the Seychelles in the first half of 2021 also named Russia as the main entry market. So, from January to June, 50.4 thousand foreign travelers visited the country, of which 11.7 thousand were Russians (23.3 percent), 7.9 thousand were UAE citizens and 6.8 thousand were Israelis.

Earlier in August, it was reported that the favorite countries of the Russian rich are the Maldives and Seychelles. In addition to these areas, wealthy Russians began to take an interest in luxury vacations in the UAE and Greece.