OREANDA-NEWS. Specialists from Avtostat Info calculated that in the first seven months of this year, residents of the Russian Federation purchased 208,482 cars with logos of Korean brands.  As a result, the market share of “Koreans” of all cars sold in Russia reached 24.5%.  Following the Korean brands are Russian automakers with a result of 200,647 buyers and a market share of 23.5%.  But the products of Japanese automobile brands with a share of 18.7% are satisfied with the third line.  In quantitative terms, this corresponds to 159,734 copies sold.  German cars sold 105,992 cars from January to July, which indicates a share in total sales of 12.4%.

 The study also shows that from January to July of this year in Russia, Czech cars sales amounted to 42,681 units (market share - 5%), sales of US-made cars reached 30,020 copies (3.5%).  Chinese cars were sold in the volume of 15,316 units, cars of British brands - 7,244 (0.8%), cars of Swedish brands - 4255 units (0.5%), and Italian cars - 351 cars (0.04%).

 When choosing cars on the market, Russian buyers pay attention to the quality of assembly of parts, reliability, favorable price, as well as the parameters of the exterior and interior.