OREANDA-NEWS Samsung at the beginning of next year will introduce a second folding mobile device, which is reduced to a square that you can put in your pocket, according to Bloomberg, citing sources. According to the agency, the company is working on a device with a 17-cm internal display. The phone should become more accessible and thinner than the Galaxy Fold that came out this year.

Samsung declined to comment. According to the agency, the new phone will have a selfie camera at the top of the internal display, like the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Two cameras will be installed outside the phone. One of the key advantages of the foldable device compared to the Fold is that upon opening it will launch Android applications without requiring extensions, like the Galaxy Fold had due to its screen size.

Sales of the Galaxy Fold were supposed to begin in April, but Samsung had to postpone them due to problems with the screen. Journalists who received a smartphone for testing before the official release complained that the gadgets broke in the very first days of use. In July, the company announced that sales would begin in some countries in September. The approximate cost of the device will be 150,000-200,000 rubles. Earlier it became known that sales of the folding smartphone of Chinese company Huawei, which was planning to release Mate X in June, but also postponed the release due to the need for additional screen tests, should also begin in September.