OREANDA-NEWS. The Saudi Arabian government has banned employees of all public and private companies who are not vaccinated against coronavirus from going to work. This is stated in the official message of the Ministry of Personnel and Social Development of the Kingdom.

"The ministry explains that receiving the coronavirus vaccine will be a prerequisite for the presence of workers in the workplace for all sectors - public, private and charitable organizations," the document says. The ministry called on all workers to prepare to receive the vaccination.

The country's authorities promised to announce in the near future the date of the start of the implementation of this decision and tell how exactly it will operate.

Last Sunday, the Saudi authorities announced that from May 17, only those who managed to be vaccinated with two doses or one dose 14 days before the trip will be able to travel outside the country. So far, Saudi doctors have injected more than 10 million doses of the vaccine in a country of about 34 million people.

The total number of cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic in Saudi Arabia amounted to more than 423.4 thousand, 7 thousand people have died.