OREANDA-NEWS. The Congress of Deputies (lower house of parliament) of Spain has finally approved a bill regulating the conduct of euthanasia in the kingdom.

According to TASS, 202 out of 350 deputies voted for the document proposed by the Spanish Socialist Labor Party.

The bill permits euthanasia to any adult Spanish citizen or person who has a residence permit in the country. Patients must confirm their desire four times during the review process, including the option to withdraw the request.

Patients' requests for euthanasia will be considered by doctors, as well as a special commission that monitors the implementation of the law.

The document, which will come into force in three months, is aimed at helping terminally ill people who experience unbearable physical or psychological suffering.

Spain has become another European country, after Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, which has legally allowed the practice of ending human life. Before legalization in Spain and Portugal, euthanasia was legally allowed in only four European countries - Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium (including children) and Luxembourg. Also, euthanasia is legalized in the Western Hemisphere in the United States, Canada and Colombia.

Among the countries that do not accept euthanasia are Germany and Russia. The German Federal Constitutional Court ruled that the ban on euthanasia violates human rights. The Russian Orthodox Church considers euthanasia unacceptable.