OREANDA-NEWS. The newspaper Bangkok Post reports that all foreign tourists arriving in Thailand may be obliged to pay 300 bahts (about 9.3 US dollars) after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

"After the resumption of international flights in Thailand, an entry tax of up to 300 baht may be introduced for all foreign tourists arriving in the country. The tax will be included in the cost of air tickets and will be part of travel insurance in case of a pandemic,” the publication reads. At the moment, it is not determined how the tax will be levied on tourists arriving by land and sea.

“The issue of introducing such a fee was initiated by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the country last year, but was postponed due to a pandemic. Collected money is planned to be sent to a tourism fund that supports the welfare of the industry and ensures the safety of tourists,” the newspaper notes.

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, in 2019, 39 million foreigners visited the country.