OREANDA-NEWS  Commercial electricity supplies from Russia to Latvia were completely stopped for two days, April 8 and 11. This information is reported on April 12 by the Kommersant newspaper.

According to the sources of the publication, it was on these days that the disconnection of the transmission line between Belarus and Lithuania was tested. Thus, the power systems were checked before the complete withdrawal of the Baltic countries from the BRELL energy ring, which is scheduled for 2025.

The Latvian system operator did not explain the reasons for zeroing the crossflows along the Russia-Latvia section. The Russian side believes that there was no such technical need.

Due to the cessation of energy supplies, prices for it in the European part of Russia and in the Urals decreased by 1-3%, while in Lithuania, on the contrary, spot prices increased by 8.5%. This was due to an increase in supplies from Sweden and Poland.

Since the times of the USSR, Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - BRELL - have been united into an energy ring. Electricity flows between countries are possible. However, the Baltic countries want to leave this system and connect to continental Europe and Scandinavia.