OREANDA-NEWS. Paper cash receipts should become a thing of the past: they do not give any advantages to either entrepreneurs or customers: they cost business dearly, harm nature, and the toxic substances contained in thermal paper can provoke the development of various diseases in contact with the skin, the CEO and co-founder told RIA Novosti company "MoySklad" Askar Rakhimberdiev.

He recalled that, according to the "Separate Collection" project, about 10 thousand tons of thermal paper are used daily in Russia, which is an unaffordable luxury in the modern world. "Cash receipts printed on thermal paper are harmful to health: Bisphenol A toxin applied to paper can penetrate into human skin, provoke a number of diseases. In addition, this substance makes documents unsuitable for processing," Rakhimberdiev said.

“I think that gradually in large cities, buyers and businesses will completely switch to electronic checks. It is clear that this will create difficulties for certain categories of citizens, but most will quickly appreciate the convenience and opportunities,” he added. "The very idea of ​​electronic receipts is correct for both business and the average user. This is a noticeable saving of money, natural resources, time. Finally, an electronic receipt is convenient, it cannot be lost, forgotten, it does not fade in the sun. Some tax deductions can be issued using electronic checks without collecting any additional documents and visiting the tax office, "he said.

Refusal from paper is beneficial not only for buyers, but also for business. "The cost of each paper check varies from 10 to 20 kopecks. And when organizing courier delivery, the savings will be from 24 thousand rubles: if you use electronic checks instead of paper ones, then the courier will have an application on his smartphone that will issue these checks, or the courier can show to clients a QR code by which an electronic document is available, "the expert explained.