OREANDA-NEWS. Amazon has opened it's first store with «Just walk out» technology outside the United States. This is reported by «BBC News». The visitors must download the app and register in it by attaching a bank card. After that, he or she can make purchases and attach the card to the turnstile located at the entrance at the exit. In this store, you do not need to scan the product, as in the retail chains «Marks and Spencer», «Tesco» and «Sainsbury's». The store presents the company's branded products and third-party products. The new store also serves as a place to collect and return items purchased in the offline store.

The store also has a stand, where you can deliver orders from your online store and customers can return the product by scanning the code without having to repackage or re-label the product. «Just walk out» technology was first used in similar «Amazon Go» stores in the US, which opened to the public in 2018.

The system includes the hundreds of cameras and sensors, as well as software developed using artificial intelligence. However, it does not involve facial recognition. Instead, users must identify themselves upon arrival by scanning a barcode displayed on their account in the standard «Amazon Shopping» app. The company said, it would only link information collected in the store to an Amazon customer account for up to 30 days.

Earlier it was reported, that a black employee of the company accused the authorities of racism.