OREANDA-NEWS. The remote work law is in the next stage of revision. The document can be adopted in the second and third readings by the end of the year, and from January 1, 2021, it will enter into force. The bill contains three most significant blocks of amendments, which, at the request of the kp.ru publication, were analyzed by Sergei Khramov, General Labor Inspector of the Union of Trade Unions of Russia.

The bill says that the transition of an employee to teleworking is not a reason for a reduction in pay. However, the expert believes that remote work does not guarantee salary retention. He explains that the salary consists not only of the salary, but also bonuses and other incentive payments, and some employers will keep a fixed part of the salary, but reduce the bonus.

Also, according to the law, the employer is obliged to provide remote workers with the necessary equipment, software and information security means. According to the expert, the employee should not be impudent and bring this amendment to the point of absurdity. So that later there are no questions, it makes sense to write in detail in the collective agreement a clause on equipment, the procedure for providing the employee and its size.

The third amendment says that if during working hours a remote worker does not get in touch without a valid reason for more than two working days in a row, the employment contract may be terminated. The expert believes that the notion "good reason" should be spelled out in detail. A person may not have the Internet, mobile communication, there may be interruptions that do not depend on the employee, and an employer should take it into consideration.