OREANDA-NEWS In the summer, no outflow of tourists is expected in Crimea, because due to a slight decrease in demand, prices from tour operators have become much lower, said Yury Barzykin, vice president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT). He stressed in an interview with Lenta.ru that the main problem remains the delivery of tourists to the peninsula.

333,000 people arrived in Crimea for the May holidays. This is 10% more than in the pre-Covid period, that is, in 2019, and slightly lower than last year,” Barzykin said.

In his opinion, the situation with tourism in the Crimea has developed quite successfully in the absence of air travel. Barzykin noted that about 30% of tourists chose airplanes as a means of transportation to the Crimea. The closure of nearby airports had a negative impact on the tourist flow, but this problem was successfully offset by an increase in the number of rail traffic, Barzykin concluded.

Earlier it became known that guest houses and small hotels in Crimea may not open this summer due to falling demand for holidays among Russians. Hoteliers are taking into account a reduction of up to 40% of the projected occupancy for the summer.