OREANDA-NEWS. The Supreme Court of Russia refused to accept a class action by the children of victims of repression to the State Duma. They demanded the implementation of the law on the provision of living space in the regions where the children of the repressed lived before the expulsion. The reasons for the refusal are not specified. This is reported on the court's website. According to the case file, the claim was submitted to the Supreme Court on October 28. On November 1, the application was refused, it was returned to the office.

Earlier it was reported that the law of 1991 «On the rehabilitation of victims of political repression» secured for the repressed and their children the right to priority housing in the cities where they lived before their arrest. However, in 2004, the regions received the right to impose additional restrictions on the provision of housing for victims of repression. So, in Moscow, the children of the repressed are put in the general queue, and such people will be able to get free housing only when they are over 100 years old. In 2019, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation decided to amend the norms of legislation that restrict the possibility of obtaining housing for rehabilitated persons, but this decision has not yet been implemented.

The lawsuit says that the inaction of the State Duma in the matter of the execution of the decision of the Constitutional Court prevents the return of people to their former place of residence. The plaintiffs are seeking housing in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Orel and Rostov regions, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, as well as in the Crimea. 23 people aged from 64 to 89 joined the lawsuit, another 74-year-old plaintiff died shortly before filing the document.