OREANDA-NEWS. The Japanese are ready to buy and are buying from Russia jewelry, chemicals, PET preforms for plastic bottles, projects for the supply of wood pellets and ammonia are being developed. Head of the Russian Trade Mission in Japan Pyotr Pavlenko spoke about Russian-Japanese trade relations in an interview with a RIA Novosti correspondent.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the activity of business contacts does not decrease. New deals are being made, pilot projects are being developed.

The trade representative noted: “There have been fewer personal meetings, basically everything happens in videoconference mode. But life goes on. Niche industries are working. We are trying to open as many niches as possible for Russian companies in Japan. Last year, we managed to hold a large jewelry exhibition, following its results, contracts were concluded for the supply of Russian jewelry products for several million dollars during 2020. Helped to deliver the first trial batch of Russian drill bits. Products of Russian heavy engineering in Japan have found their consumer. "

The last two years, the supply of Russian chemical products has been growing, in particular, inert gases are being supplied to Japan. Also in 2020, negotiations were successfully completed with the participation of the Trade Representation on the supply of preforms for plastic bottles of the Europlast company to the Japanese producer of drinking mineral water, the Marutomi Sangyo company.

The head of the representative office named several more projects on which work is now underway. This includes negotiations on the possibility of supplying wood pellets, and ammonia to Japan from Russia, which accounts for up to 9% of world production in this area. He said if you add ammonia to the fuel, then it burns without hydrocarbon emissions.