OREANDA-NEWS. Tourists from Russia ranked first in Cyprus among other foreign tourists in July, according to the Cyprus Ministry of Tourism.

It is reported, that almost 84 thousand Russians visited Cyprus in July.

The total number of foreign tourists in Cyprus reached 638 thousand in July. This is twice as much as in July 2020 and 70% less than in July 2019, when Cyprus was visited by 2.1 million foreign tourists.

"Russians became the most numerous tourists in Cyprus in July - 83.9 thousand people (28% of the total number of foreign tourists). Russia is followed by Great Britain (29 thousand), Poland (22.4 thousand), Israel (16 thousand), Ukraine (14.7 thousand) and Greece (14 thousand) ", - the ministry notes.

Statistics are obtained on the basis of the Cyprus Flight Pass electronic platform, on which all tourists are required to fill out a special form and provide information about their flight, country of residence and purpose of the visit.

Russia resumed flights with Cyprus on June 28. The headquarters has coordinated flights from Moscow and the regions to Paphos and Larnaca.

According to the FSB Border Service, 172 thousand Russian citizens visited Cyprus in January-June.