OREANDA-NEWS. As Natalia Osipova, executive director of the Alliance of Travel Agencies, told RIA Novosti, most of the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic will not affect organized tourists from Russia. Restrictive measures may affect travelers who go on sightseeing tours to Istanbul. They have the right to walk around the city, but they must have a voucher for accommodation in a particular hotel and identification documents.

Earlier, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan announced the introduction of a partial curfew on weekends. It was also announced the closure of cafes and restaurants throughout the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Natalya Osipova said that if tourists are going to spend New Year's holidays in Turkey, they should ask a travel agent how the New Year will be celebrated in a particular hotel. Now about 30 percent of the hotel fund operates on the territory of the country, which mainly belong to the highest segment. Most luxury hotels will have New Years, but exceptions are possible. This should be checked with travel agents. So when choosing a tour, it is worth checking with the agent whether a holiday will be organized on New Year's Eve in a particular hotel, if this is important for a tourist.