OREANDA-NEWS. From March 15, all the foreigners will need to fill out a special electronic form to enter Turkey. This innovation is reported by ATOR with reference to information from a major air carrier.

The country's Ministry of Health is canceling the requirement to complete a paper COVID-19 control questionnaire on all flights to Turkey. An exception was made for guests traveling in transit, who must fill out a document on board the aircraft, according to representatives of the airline.

Under the new rules, arriving citizens, including Turkish nationals, will have to fill out a form on the Ministry of Health website https://register.health.gov.tr 72 hours before the trip. The document must both be printed and downloaded to any electronic device, which may be a smartphone or a tablet. The application form will need to be presented to the airline employee at the airport of departure in Turkey.

When registering on the website of the Ministry of Health, the system requires you to indicate a working mobile phone. The program will give the tourist a special HES-code, which is necessary for moving around the country, when checking into hotels and for visiting a number of country's objects and events.