OREANDA-NEWS. Burak Joshan, a journalist for the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, spoke about tours to Moscow being sold in the country for the Sputnik V vaccination.

The author of the article noted that in many countries there were queues of people wishing to get vaccinated, but in Russia there are no problems with this. A representative of the company organizing the "vaccine tours" told the newspaper that foreigners can safely get vaccinated in a Moscow clinic.

The journalist writes: "Our price, including a tour of Moscow, accommodation, flight and vaccination, is 1099 euros. The vaccinated person is issued a certificate of vaccination."

As part of the "vaccine tour", it will be necessary to visit Russia twice: both times the trip will take two days. The guest will be accommodated in a four-star hotel, and injections will be given immediately after arrival, so that the patient can stay in Moscow for at least a day and not be left without the help of doctors in case of side effects. The tour price includes a city tour and an assistant.

The company has assured that the trip for the vaccination is legal and the client will receive an internationally recognized certificate. They also stressed that there is no shortage of the drug in Russia. Also, the company's employees clarified that before the trip to Moscow, medical insurance is issued in case the help of doctors is needed.