OREANDA-NEWS. Since April 10, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has banned the import of a number of goods into the country from the Russian Federation: wheat, sunflower oil, detergents, paper and paper products. The corresponding decree was published on the government's website on March 31.

According to the document, the list of goods prohibited for import from Russia to Ukraine, in particular, was supplemented with detergents, surfactants, newsprint, cardboard, kraft paper and kraft cardboard, toilet paper, cosmetic napkins, hand towels, tablecloths and napkins.

The ban also included boxes, boxes, bags, packing bags, rope made of other alloy steels, drilling tools, other trolleys and undercarriage balancing trolleys, axles, wheels and their parts.

The decree was published on the government website on March 31 and comes into force ten days after its publication.

Since 2016, the Ukrainian government has imposed an embargo on a number of Russian goods, the list has been expanded several times, which is also observed this time.

Earlier, the State Customs Service of Ukraine reported that Russia became one of the three main trade partners of Ukraine in 2020.The bulk of Ukraine's exports in 2020 were: grain ($ 9.4 billion), ferrous metals ($ 7.7 billion), animal fats and oils. or of plant origin ($ 5.8 billion each). The main imports were: mineral fuel, oil and products of its processing ($ 8 billion), reactors, boilers, cars, equipment and mechanical devices ($ 6.1 billion), land transport ($ 5.5 billion).