OREANDA-NEWS. May 14, 2018. Upper Street Marketing, Inc. (OTC:UPPR) (“Upper Street”) is pleased to announce that it has acquired the business of LoveLife USA, Inc. and LoveLife Canada, Inc. in an all share transaction. LoveLife's management and founders have over 25 years of experience each in the professional match making business as senior C level executives. We have combined our teams at Upper Street Marketing and LoveLife and have launched the new LoveLife businesses.  

In their respective roles as C level executives, they created and executed on a successful business model that generated incremental revenue growth exceeding $1,000,000.00 per month while maintaining a very high level of profitability. 

Management is now in the process of replicating that success within Upper Street Marketing, Inc. and its new subsidiaries LoveLife USA, Inc. and LoveLife Canada, Inc.

Description of the LoveLife USA and LoveLife Canada

Some background on the LoveLife companies:  The business of LoveLife USA, Inc. and LoveLife Canada, Inc. specializes in the process of connecting singles who are looking for a life partner. The methodology incorporates the traditional in person match making process where the company's professionally trained match makers access individuals looking to meet their life partner using various proprietary algorithms and processes and then using the company's massive database of eligible partners, identifies potential matches and makes introductions. It is old fashioned match making for which clients pay a fee.

The company will also incorporate these technologies for the implementation of their online service, which will be launched during the fall of this year. This service will compete with www.match.com and other online matchmaking or dating services, with some key differences. LoveLife's relationship consultants will provide a much higher quality of trustworthiness and personalized service combined with the safety of extensive background checks being conducted prior to all initial introductions.

A Stellar Executive Team

The transaction brings along a stellar Executive Team.

Craig Gleason- C-level experience- 27 years-specific- industry with emphasis on sales, sales training, full corporate operations including marketing, personnel, budgeting  and expansion. Craig will assume the Chief Executive Officer position for Upper Street.

Caroline Gleason- 20 years of industry-specific experience,  highly trained sales and service Director, trained communication expert with retail, networking, consultative sales expertise, and administration experience- will assume President position of Upper Street.

Delia Merai- 25 years of industry-specific call center Director experience, top performing call center representative, as well as training of call center staff and management of entire lead distribution, productivity analysis, and team motivation- will assume the Call Center Director position.

Mary McDade- 15 years of industry-specific call center experience- excellent support for call center Management, as well as a top performer.

Barbara Sim- 25 years of industry-specific experience- top Sales professional.

Janey McCurdy- 15 years of industry-specific experience- top Sales professional.

Judy Friedman- 8 years of industry-specific experience- top Sales professional.

Mandi McGillivray- 5 years of industry-specific experience- top Sales professional.

Marla Rochette- - 5 years of industry-specific experience- top Sales professional.

A Unique North American Opportunity

The LoveLife team has previously established and successfully managed thousands of successful matches and generated millions of dollars of revenues and now have a solid plan to recreate that in LoveLife as a wholly owned subsidiary of Upper Street Marketing, Inc. (UPPR). This combined with an extremely experienced team of corporate professionals, we anticipate explosive growth over the coming year.

Nature of Proposed Agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, Upper Street Marketing, Inc. will issue 35 million shares to the owners or LoveLife which will result in the total number of shares outstanding to be 50 million shares. The shares being allocated to the LoveLife owners are in process of being issued within the next week or sooner.

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