OREANDA-NEWSAll countries that buy weapons from Russia should be aware of possible sanctions - including Egypt, who ordered the Su-35 fighter jets. This was stated by a senior representative of the US administration, according to Russian media. According to him, Washington “don't have much flexibility within the law,” and a similar situation exists with China, India and Turkey, a NATO ally.

Egypt, buying Su-35 fighters from Russia, should be on a par with other countries remember the possible consequences of the United States. According to a high-ranking representative of the American administration, it is a question of applying the Law on Countering America’s Opponents through Sanctions (CAATSA), FAN reports. “We are not very flexible when it comes to the use of CAATSA. Countries ordering weapons from Russia should remember that mitigating the consequences in the form of sanctions will be quite problematic, ”the official said. “We would like to encourage countries that wish to maintain their relations with the United States in the military sphere to take CAATSA seriously,” he added.

Former designer of the "Sukhoi Design Bureau" Vadim Lukashevich, in a conversation with NSN, suggested that the Egyptian authorities are unlikely to abandon the Russian fighter. “The segment of the Russian Su-35 fighter is the 4th generation of ultramodernized aircraft. For the fourth generation, the Su-35 is the best car to date. Already there is a fifth generation - it is mainly represented by the American F-35. But these cars are much more expensive and less exported. Moreover, the United States initially fills its own army with equipment, then NATO troops, and after that, the machines are already in a somewhat simplified form for export, ”the expert emphasized.