OREANDA-NEWS. The pilot region in Vietnam, which will be the first to receive vaccinated tourists, will be Phu Quoc Island, foreigners will be able to return to the island in September or October, ATOR reports citing local media.

Authorities in the Vietnamese province of Kien Giang, to which Phu Quoc belongs, said fully vaccinated Russian travelers would be the first to be allowed to come to the island. It is assumed that the Russians will arrive on charter flights and stay at secluded resorts. The movement of guests will be limited to eliminate epidemiological risks.

To receive foreign visitors, the island authorities need to expand medical capabilities, including increasing the number of hospital beds and the staff of the medical staff, as well as prepare observers in case foreigners contract the coronavirus.

The choice of the Russian market as a priority for the restart of inbound tourism is associated with a large flow of travelers from our country to Phu Quoc before the pandemic, as well as the recognition of Sputnik V by Vietnam. Tourism is the backbone of the island's economy: Phu Quoc lost 76 percent of foreign visitors in 2020.

Vietnam closed its borders and canceled all international flights last March. Russia has officially resumed flights with this country, but it is closed for mass tourism. Only repatriates, foreign specialists, diplomats and highly skilled workers are allowed in with a 21-day quarantine.