OREANDA-NEWSChinese President Xi Jinping expressed confidence that his visit to Russia will be an incentive for the development of relations between the two countries. "I am convinced that this visit will certainly bring fruitful results and will serve as a stimulus for the dynamic development of Chinese-Russian relations of a comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation in the new era", he said on arrival in Moscow.

The Chinese leader declared his readiness to bring relations to a higher level together with the Russian side. On behalf of the Chinese people, Xi Jinping said hello to the Russians and the government of the Russian Federation. The chairman of the People's Republic of China arrived in Moscow on a state visit. His stay in Russia will last from June 5 to June 7. The program includes a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as participation in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum as an honored guest.

Earlier, the Russian side stated that the US sanctions affect the economic relations of the Russian Federation and China, but their sovereignty is enough to act in its own way, especially since not all investors are cautious about investing in Russia. 

"Any state has to balance and adjust its activities in the economic field, because we all depend on each other. In this regard, yes, of course, in our bilateral relations, the influence of American sanctions is felt. But at the same time, we have enough sovereignty to accept such measures, which we consider to be extremely important for ourselves. And, of course, the bilateral economic relations between Russia and China are a very significant aspect of the global economy", said Peskov in an interview with the Russian TV channel.