OREANDA-NEWS The new amendments to the bill on taxi from the services "Yandex.Taxi", "Citymobil", Gett and "Lucky" state that these taxi aggregators are ready to pay up to 2 million rubles to passengers injured in road accidents if taxi drivers are unable to compensate fully for the damage themselves.

Taxi companies are ready to pay compensation along with their drivers if the order for a drive was accepted through their mobile application, and a self-employed or individual entrepreneur was driving. It is interesting that the responsibility of online taxi ordering services has not been established in legislation yet, but conscientious aggregators have voluntarily introduced insurance for each trip.

But such generosity from taxi aggregators is a kind of compromise. The bill which is being discussed now includes a ban on working in taxis for foreigners, as well as tariffs for taxi driving must be approved by companies in accordance with the methodology developed by the Ministry of Transport.

These amendments were made by taxi aggregators after one more bill about taxis had appeared. According to it, taxi aggregators must have joint liability for road accidents. It means that a passenger has the right to make claims directly to the taxi ordering service, bypassing the carrier itself. But the aggregators did not like this bill so much that they decided to develop and amend the bill themselves, which would suit all parties: both officials, market players and taxi passengers.