OREANDA-NEWS. Since January of this year JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "is starting a practical transition to a new model of industrial safety management within the Business Transformation Program.

"The new model establishes common approaches and management principles to all components of safety: safety of operation, labor, fire security, industrial and environmental safety," says Akbulat Zhagiparov, director of the department of industrial safety and ecology of JSC "NC" KTZh ".

According to him, "the new model will increase the culture of safety, transparency of reporting, the level of automation of security processes, the share of preventive measures in the organization of business processes, which, ultimately, ensuring the level of security in the Company and reducing the impact on this environment."

One of the conditions for the introduction of the new model is the preparation of an appropriate regulatory framework, including documents of the upper and the base level. Within the framework of this work, new standards have been approved. They are associated with hazards and cuts, their assessment and management of risks in the field of industrial safety; security management in the performance of work by contractors; the management of incidents with the identification of their root causes; prevention and liquidation of emergency situations; behavioral dialogue while ensuring security.

Standards taking into account the requirements of a new management model that takes into account the best world practice and the provisions of the Samruk-Kazyna Reference Model prepared for portfolio companies.

"The implementation of these standards in practice is not an easy process. The training of the Company's employees has been started, the performance indicators have been prepared, through which the requirements of regulatory documents will be monitored, "A.Zhagiparov explained.