OREANDA-NEWS. The project will deliver step-free access across the station as part of the Access for All scheme – which is designed to improve access within stations for people with impaired mobility or those travelling with luggage, children or cycles.

Work will start on site on Monday, February 26, to create step-free access to platforms one-three and four from the existing station underpass via newly installed lifts which will be constructed and commissioned over a nine month period.

The programme also includes lowering, regrading and resurfacing the underpass and renewing staircases and handrails to ensure they are appropriate to modern accessibility standards.

Work is scheduled to complete by December 2018.  While passengers may experience some day-to-day inconvenience during the work, the station will remain open throughout.

Willie Coffey Member of the Scottish Parliament for Kilmarnock and the Irvine Valley said, “Kilmarnock station is an important entry point to the town for a growing number of visitors and so we warmly welcome any investment that makes it easier for people to travel through the station when they get here.

“The new step-free access to all platforms will undoubtedly make travelling easier for those with mobility issues, the elderly, parents travelling with prams or buggies or people with luggage. Step-free access across the station will improve the overall rail journey experience for everyone in our community.”   

Jeremy Spence, Network Rail programme manager, said “We are continuously seeking opportunities to make our stations more accessible. These new lifts will help ensure that everyone in the community has the opportunity to easily access services at Kilmarnock station and thus enable even more people to travel by train.

“The improvements we will make at the station will deliver modern standards of access and increased convenience for those travelling to or from Kilmarnock on a day-to-day basis and will improve the overall travelling experience for passengers.”

The Access for All programme is delivered by Network Rail on behalf of Transport Scotland, which also selects the stations to benefit from the enhancements.