OREANDA-NEWS In the near future, an international cableway over the Amur River connecting Russia and China will appear. It can become a new attraction spot for tourists in the Amur Region. Authorities have been talking about its creation for a long time, and, finally, the they decided to build this unique structure, as the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Foreign Relations of the region told.

The location for the construction of the cableway was not chosen by chance: the convenience of the route and the location of the terminals was a priority for its designers. They had to take into account all the details to make the new road as comfortable as possible for passengers. Since Blagoveshchensk and Heihe are considered as the most important tourist and trade routes for the development of Russian-Chinese border tourism, it was decided to connect the centers of these cities with the new cableway.

It’s a fact, that Chinese tourists are traditionally really interested in visiting Russia. However, attracting Chinese tourists is impossible without creating comfortable conditions for them in crossing the border. The implementation of the cross-border cableway project will create the necessary conditions in this respect. Accordingly, after the implementation of the cableway project, it is expected that the number of Chinese citizens visiting the city for tourism will increase significantly, according to the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development of the region.

After launching the cableway, the regional authorities predict a large passenger traffic: according to them, more than 1 million people will cross the cableway since 2025.