OREANDA-NEWSAeroflot called “unreliable information” reports on the overpriced cost of tickets for flights used by Russians to export from countries with a difficult epidemiological situation.

Aeroflot, like all major carriers, uses a dynamic pricing system, the price depends on the acquisition period, the number of available seats. At the same time, the highest tariff line was not applied for return flights from cities with limited air traffic”, Yulia Spivakova, Aeroflot official representative, explained to the Russian media.

ccording to her, the price of tickets for transportation on March 19-23 from Prague in the Economy class ranged from 6,213 to 8,919 Czech crowns (19,252 - 27,777 rubles at the current rate) depending on the selected fare group (Maximum-Optimal-Light) The price of tickets for the transportation of flights from Barcelona “to the last seat” in the Economy class was not more than € 405 (33,586 rubles at the current rate).

On March 22, Aeroflot announced that it continues to carry out special flights for the export of Russian citizens from countries with limited flights.