OREANDA-NEWS. AirHelp company analyzed the quality and timeliness of airlines and airports around the world and ranked the best enterprises of the sector.

In assessing airports, timeliness, quality of service, and the opportunities to eat or buy something were taken into account. The first factor affected 60 % of the assessment, each of the rest affected 20 %. The AirHelp survey was based on the companies’ information, comments of 40 thousand passenger in 40 countries and data which was provided by several commercial suppliers.

The best airport is Hamad International Airport in Qatar, which has been ranking first from 2015, when AirHelp first published the rating. The top ten looks like this:

  1. Hamad International Airport, Qatar
  2. Tokyo International Airport, Japan
  3. Athens International Airport, Greece
  4. Afonso Pena International Airport, Brazil
  5. Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport, Poland
  6. Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russia
  7. Changi Airport Singapore, Singapore
  8. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, India
  9. Tenerife North Airport, Spain
  10. Viracopos/Campinas International Airport, Brazil

The bottom of the rating was occupied by Gatwick Airport (London), Orly Airport (Paris), Manchester Airport, Kuwait International Airport, and Portela Airport (Lisbon).

As for the airlines, AirHelp was able to rate only 72 of them, because they had enough statistics. The place in the ranking influenced with the following: whether the airlines were operating in accordance with the schedule, how high is the quality of service, and how quickly they respond to requests to refund a cost of a ticket.

Qatar Airlines topped the rating for the second time. American Airlines took the second place (in 2018, it was 23rd). Here are the top 10 airlines according to AirHelp and the portion of flights completed on time according to Bloomberg agency:

  1. Qatar Airways (84 %)
  2. American Airlines (75 %)
  3. Aeromexico (78 %)
  4. SAS Scandinavian Airlines (73 %)
  5. Qantas (79 %)
  6. LATAM Airlines (77 %)
  7. WestJet (74 %)
  8. Luxair (78 %)
  9. Austrian Airlines (71 %)
  10. Emirates (75 %)
There are several low-cost companies among the airlines considered to be the worst in this sphere. They are Transavia (62 % of flights on time), Laudamotion (51 %), RyanAir (65 %) and EasyJet (67 %).