OREANDA-NEWS. The US Navy missile destroyer Arleigh Burke is heading to the Black Sea. He will take part in exercises with NATO partners, according to the Sixth Fleet of the US Navy on Twitter. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed concern about the actions of the Alliance near the borders of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea region. Since November 4, there are three US Navy ships there.

«The US Navy destroyer Arleigh Burke has begun moving northward into the Black Sea to conduct operations with NATO allies and partners in the region», the report says.

Earlier, the Kremlin reported Vladimir Putin's concern about the situation in the Black Sea region, where NATO forces are being built up. According to the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, such actions of the Alliance in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders cannot but be a reason for increased attention and increased precautions. He noted that the president is monitoring the situation in the Black Sea in real time.

As of November 11, there were three US Navy ships in the Black Sea. On October 30, the destroyer Porter with guided missile weapons of the US Navy arrived in the Black Sea, on November 3, the tanker John Lenthall joined it, on November 4, the headquarters ship Mount Whitney supplemented the grouping. According to the Pentagon, the vessels arrived to participate in large multinational exercises.