OREANDA-NEWS. Speaking at the session on the digital revolution and the transport labour market, IRU President Christian Labrot highlighted that the road transport industry has been a driving force for innovation for many years and is often instrumental in implementing new technologies, products and services. He highlighted the development of electronic transport documents as an example. He also outlined IRU’s UpTop global taxi network and the changes affecting passenger mobility that are already impacting how services are ordered, delivered and paid for.

Facilitating evidence-based decision making and to plan and manage the digital transition, IRU has  also partnered with the International Transport Forum, the International Transport Workers’ Federation and vehicle manufactures on a research project entitled “Managing the Transition to Driverless Road Freight Transport”. The study is looking into scenarios related to the technical evolution and its adoption in long distance road freight transport. Mr Labrot showcased the project and the potential impact that the digital transition will have on drivers and their deployment, and technological adoption and implementation within the sector.