OREANDA-NEWS. As official logistics partner of the WEC, DHL Global Forwarding is responsible for shipping all of the teams' motorsport materials and equipment to the overseas events. This includes delivering 33 race cars, three safety cars, one T-car and assorted equipment, as well as 10,000 tires and 198,000 liters of fuel to the worldwide race tracks.

As the WEC's air freight departs for Mexico (sea freight having left immediately after the 6 Hours of N?rburgring), WEC CEO G?rard Neveu commented: "We are delighted to have formalized our partnership with DHL while in Germany, and we know that we could not be placing our championship's logistics in better hands than DHL's. They have a great understanding of what is required to move a racing series around the world, and provide a faultlessly efficient service to our competitors, our partners and ourselves."

Since the early days of the WEC, DHL has handled the transportation between the races and all other related logistic activities, and this excellent working relationship has now been cemented with the new partnership agreement.

"DHL has been involved in motorsports logistics for more than 30 years," said Volker Oesau, CEO Middle Europe & Sponsor Global Automotive, DHL Global Forwarding.