OREANDA-NEWS. Over three weeks since JSC Railcar Repair Depot Gryazi (VRP Gryazi) has received the life extension certificate allowing to modernize two universal platform models, Joint Stock Company Freight One (Freight One) has produced 120 platforms of high performance.

VRP Gryazi, Freight One's subsidiary, has prepared 100 platforms, while 20 more units were upgraded by the Chelyabinsk Railcar Repair Depot, a separate division of JSC «Carriage Repair Company -  2».

Life extension-focused platform modernization implies complete restoration of the railcars? potential, while the renewal costs a lot cheaper than the purchase of new rolling stock with the same technical and operational characteristics, allowing to avoid additional financial burden on consignors.

In July another 200 freight platforms were sent for modernization. By the end of the year Freight One plans to upgrade more than 1.6 thousand of its own platforms, 1.35 thousand of which will be modernized by the Company's own facilities.

For reference: JSC Railcar Repair Depot Gryazi (100% shareholding of JSC Freight One) is located in the city of Gryazi, Lipetsk Oblast, and specializes in running and depot repairs, as well as complete overhaul of freight railcars of different types, including gondolas, platforms, pellet and cement hoppers. The facility's annual average repair capacity is 5 thousand units.