OREANDA-NEWS.  In future, Lufthansa will invite its passengers to take part in fitness training in Terminal 2 at Munich Airport. On large video screens, travelers will be encouraged to join in with some limbering-up exercises before their plane departs. As part of the "Flyrobic" programme, the exercises will be presented and commented on by players of Bayern Munich FC. Thanks to the so-called Kinect technology, passengers' movements will be detected via sensors and a camera and, depending on how well the traveler copies the exercises, the professionals from Bayern Munich will comment on the end result in words and gestures. The video screens will be in the Satellite Terminal, Level 04/Plaza Center and in the gate area of Terminal 2, Level 4/South Pier from 1 September 2016 to 30 November 2016.

The workout in Terminal 2 at Munich Airport is now the second "FIyrobic" action. The video called "Sport on board" is already part of Lufthansa's inflight entertainment program on its medium and long-haul flights, and can also be found online as well as on social media channels. In a five-minute film, the players show how to loosen up one's legs and relax one's back on longer flights.