OREANDA-NEWS. At the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hanover, StreetScooter GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group, is presenting its electric vehicle "StreetScooter Work L", a new category of commercial vehicle. The big brother of the successful "StreetScooter Work" has double the loading capacity of the previous model, with eight cubic meters of loading space to carry as many as 150 parcels. The maximum vehicle load capacity of the Work L is 1,000 kilograms. It is also equipped with a stronger engine and a new lithium-ion battery up to 100 kilometers. Deutsche Post DHL aims to have more than 170 StreetScooter Work L vehicles on the road by the end of the year and to use them for joint delivery - meaning the combined delivery of letters and parcels - as well as for parcel shipments alone as part of its "carbon-free delivery" project.

StreetScooter will also demonstrate the potential and possibilities that the Work platform offers. The so-called PRO version shows future equipment variations of the Work as well as a media system and a new keyless-entry locking system. Another model demonstrates the Work's possible applications in the municipal environment.