OREANDA-NEWS. In an industry first, DHL Supply Chain has been awarded an initial seven year contract to deliver a National Uniform Managed Service (NUMS) in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). Under the new contract, DHL will design and deliver police uniforms and equipment, creating product improvements and significant cost savings for both MPS and providing similar opportunities for other forces and public sector bodies nationwide.

The requirement was for an end-to-end service provider to design, procure, and fulfil police uniform and equipment orders right through to the end user. Historically, police forces across the UK have sourced products individually. Now, for the first time, NUMS provides a single national platform, enabling cost reductions and product improvements through collaboration, scale efficiencies and supplier consolidation.

In the first five months since implementation, DHL has successfully delivered a significant step change in service to the end users. While MPS is the first adopter, NUMS was developed as a national solution, and greater savings are projected as more forces and other public sector organizations come on stream.

DHL's solution ensures a consistent, 'just in time' and uninterrupted supply. Key to this is a dedicated and secure ecommerce site which allows officers to place orders as simply as they would through any other online shopping site. DHL's strength also lies in its vendor neutrality, partnering with the best and most cost-efficient suppliers to deliver continuous improvement.

Paul Butcher of the MPS explains: "While DHL is now delivering a real difference to the MPS, the benefits on a national scale will come through the adoption of additional forces or organisations, as well as the standardisation of the new process.

DHL is perfectly positioned to deliver this as the dedicated team are vendor neutral, engaging with the appropriate market in a fair and transparent manner, whilst ensuring any copyright or intellectual property is vested with NUMS customers."

To support the design element, DHL has invested in a dedicated team of specialists, tasked with leading the NUMS Design Council, to improve product quality and functionality. Already, areas for improvements have been identified in items such as body armour and accessories for carrying or wearing essential equipment.