OREANDA-NEWSA new luxury helicopter, made in the Aurus style on the Ansat base, was first presented at the international air show, which began work on Tuesday in Zhukovsky. This was reported in the press service of the holding "Russian Helicopters".

The salon of the car was created by specialists from Russian Helicopters and the Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Institute. The novelty is focused on the corporate and VIP transportation market. As the CEO of Russian Helicopters Andrei Boginsky noted, the development of the interior of the helicopter began in April 2019. “I’m sure that Ansat will be a worthy addition to the Aurus line, and soon, upon completion of the tests, we will be ready to accept orders for a new car”, he said.

According to Anatoly Serdyukov, Industrial Director of the Rostec State Aviation Cluster, the Ansat helicopter with Aurus cabin has the same level of comfort as the eponymous convertible. Ansat Premier can carry five passengers. As noted in the holding, the helicopter has the largest cabin in its class, which, combined with design solutions, provides increased space above the head and on the sides of passengers. The decoration uses leather and veneered aluminum. In total, more than 10 changes were made to the design of the helicopter to improve ergonomics

The interior of the cockpit is made in the color scheme corresponding to the passenger cabin, leather elements are used in the decoration. Ansat Aurus is equipped with a light-protective system with touch control - this technology was first applied to the helicopter's VIP cabin. Individual lighting and air dispensers create additional comfort for each passenger, and USB-connectors for charging gadgets are also provided. Ansat in the basic version has been produced at the Kazan Helicopter Plant since 2013 and is a light twin-engine multi-purpose helicopter.