OREANDA-NEWSThe Austrian authorities allowed trains to cross the border with Italy after a short break due to the fact that a number of passengers were suspected of being infected with coronavirus, media reported.

According to the publication, two trains, in which there were about 500 passengers, passed through the Brenner Pass after an audit. It turned out that two people whose high temperature was detected during the test were not infected with coronavirus. Vienna consent was obtained after passengers were checked by Italian doctors.

The absence of patients with coronavirus on the air of the Austrian television channel was confirmed by the Minister of Health of Austria, Rudolf Anschober. According to him, toughening of border control and blocking of railway communication is now not an urgent need. At the same time, he noted that the country's authorities are concerned about the situation in the neighboring EU country and intend to discuss it at the level of a government expert group.

According to a source, as a result of an outbreak of coronavirus in Italy (mainly in the provinces of Lombardy and Veneto), 152 people fell ill. Three patients have died.