OREANDA-NEWSThe first day of the air show at Le Bourget did not bring Boeing a single contract. The head of the company admitted that this year the concern came to Paris not to sell, but to save its reputation after two 737 MAX disasters. However, such a move could turn into a new scandal: so far even American carriers choose European aircraft.

The Boeing aircraft company was hardly attuned to breakthrough results when preparing for the Le Bourget-2019 International Aerospace Salon. However, its result "may be worse than expectations", notes the American TV channel. The first day of the air show didn't bring a single order to the American concern. While its eternal European competitor, Airbus, for the first day, has signed 123 contracts for the supply of new aircraft and the re-equipment of those already in operation. At the same time, 100 liners have chartered the American carrier Air Lease Corporation (ALC), whose fleet will be replenished with the new A220, A321XLR and A321neos.

It looks like a sobering shower after the achievements of the past years: at 2017 Le Bourget, the American concern beat Europeans with a devastating account, receiving orders for 571 airliners worth $ 75 billion. Airbus then signed only 114 firm orders for liners at its own site. 182 - preliminary. Totaling $ 40 billion. Boeing outperformed its rival at last year’s Farnborough airshow in Britain. The American concern then concluded contracts for the supply of 673 aircraft, most of which were 737 MAX. Airbus was able to negotiate shipments of only 431 airliners.

However, both auto giant brought their experimental passenger drones. The Western press believes that to create a positive news background, Boeing may reveal at the air show the details of its new program to create New Mid-Market Airplane (NMA) liners. However, it's not officially represented yet. In March, Boeing has already canceled the presentation of the Boeing 777x wide-body aircraft amid the disaster in Ethiopia. Good news concern in recent months, really, is not enough.