OREANDA-NEWS. In Moscow, they began testing cameras with sound level meters to identify violators of silence at night. Andrey Korneev, deputy head of the capital's transport department, spoke about this in an interview with Kommersant.

According to him, the camera of the new type is equipped with four microphones on an X-shaped mount, directed towards the road. The device allows not only recording sound, but also taking photos and videos at night thanks to IR sensors.

It is noted that the cameras will be installed where local residents often complain about traffic noise. One of these devices is already working in the area of ​​Chistye Prudy, added Korneev.

As Vladimir Karpov, the head of the Directorate for Photo and Video Recording of the TsODD, explained, the decision on the violation will consist of a panoramic photo with the trajectory of a car or motorcycle, as well as data on the noise level. A video will also be attached to the fine.

"In test mode, one camera is now working, measuring the noise of passing vehicles. So far, there is no talk of fines, since cameras must first of all be certified by Rosstandart. In addition to certification of the camera, it will also be necessary to approve the noise measurement methodology. Such a document, in turn, , can be approved only after changes in the current legislation, "- stressed the department.

According to Kommersant's information, the Moscow City Duma Legislative Commission supported a draft resolution on amendments to the Administrative Offenses Code of Russia, the Administrative Offenses Code of Moscow and the capital's law "On the Observance of Peace of Citizens and Silence," according to which it is proposed to raise the fine for violation of silence by motorists from 500 rubles to five thousand.

The bill itself in mid-September, as the newspaper notes, was introduced by the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.