OREANDA-NEWS. General Motors brought to Russia two new special versions of the iconic Chevrolet Camaro sports car - Shock Edition and Black Edition.  Anticipating possible interest, we note that they differ only in body color and decor (bright yellow with black and black with red).  The circulation of the series is limited to 20 and 30 copies, respectively.

 The performance of the Camaro Shock Edition is distinguished by a bright yellow color with black stripes on the bonnet, 20-inch black wheels and seat upholstery with genuine black leather.  The Black Edition is completely black with red accents in the cabin.

 According to the official press release, both new products are equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter Camaro engine with a capacity of 238 horsepower, which allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds.  One of the versions, called the Chevrolet Camaro Shock Edition, is presented in bright yellow with black decorative stripes on the body.  The seats of the car are made of black leather.  In Russia, will be sold only 30 copies of machines.

 Camaro Black Edition presented in black, with decorative stripes on the back and black leather interior.  In addition, in the exterior there is a contrasting line of red.  For the Russian Federation there are 20 cars in this series.

 According to estimates by the Russian representative office of Chevrolet, 50 imported cars will last for several months.  It is possible that the special versions will not have time to sell until the end of 2019, since the demand for the Camaro in Russia is low.  For example, for the entire last year, dealers have implemented 135 muscle cars.