OREANDA-NEWS Chevrolet Menlo EV is preparing to start sales in China: the local certification authority has published images of an electric car and some specifications. It is expected that the premiere of the model will be held in September as part of an auto show in Chinese Chengdu. 

The novelty is built on the basis of the Buick Velite 6 MAV EV electric hatchback. According to some sources, Menlo EV is an analogue of the electric Chevrolet Bolt with zero emissions, according to others sources, Menlo is designed exclusively for the Celestial market and is technically different from the electric car for the United States. At the same time, Menlo EV and Bolt EUV can get a similar design. 

From the pictures the crossover we can find out that it is driven by an electric power plant with a capacity of about 174 horsepower, and the maximum speed is 150 kilometers per hour. In this case, the battery capacity and power reserve are not given.