OREANDA-NEWS. Russia is actively building up the power of the navy, thereby sending a signal to the West. The Chinese edition of Xinhua writes about this.

Thus, Russia is developing its fleet in several directions. Firstly, it is the construction of ships. In particular, advanced developments in the field of submarines stand out: the nuclear submarines "Belgorod" and "Knyaz Oleg". In addition, an amphibious assault ship and a light stealth frigate are expected to appear.

Also, Moscow is actively conducting exercises outside its territorial waters. The Russian fleet began to regularly simulate military operations in the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

"We can say that since the beginning of this year, the Russian navy has continued to build up its power, rebuffing the West," the author writes.

It is noted that Moscow has to deal with the modernization of the Navy against the background of the influence of external and internal factors, including the deterioration of Russian-American relations and the need to ensure the safety of numerous water routes.

In conclusion, the author points out that the development of Russian naval military technologies sends a formidable signal to the West and deserves attention.